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feebak allows purecloud organizations to offer surveys to their callers soon after their conversation with an agent. Ability to offer survey automatically after agent disconnects ensures maximum participation and no cherry-picking on survey offerings. The wide range of survey dashboards, highly customizable survey builder & deep integration with purecloud makes feebak a must-to-have companion with your purecloud subscription.

PureCloud DNA embedded

feebak offers smart integrations with PureCloud at multiple levels. - Embedded UI within PureCloud. - Agents, Queue and Prompt synchronization. - Survey IVR publishing within PureCloud. - Smarter survey decisions based on Caller profile & purecloud statistics. - Notifications into PureCloud.

feebak survey builder offers simple but a powerful questionnaire builder for designing your end-call surveys. Surveys built using feebak survey are automatically published as IVR flows in Purecloud. This enables business users to create and edit survey flows without the need for an IVR developer. Purecloud integration allows survey flows to be dynamic and take different paths based on purecloud data such as customer profile, call attributes, CRM data, purecloud status such as caller waiting time, priority, agent selection etc.

Fully loaded to effectively measure your customer satisfaction.

Intutive Dashboards

feebak’s intuitive dashboards with drill down capabilities allow organizations to have both birds eye and granular view on their survey results.

Dynamic Survey Builder

Conditions and actions in survey builder allows survey questions to be dynamic based on various factors such as caller responses or attributes.


Notifications could be triggered into PureCloud chat or individual users based on survey scores or question responses.

Agent ScoreBoards

Agent Scoreboards brings gamification into your contact center . With Agent scoreboard view, agents could view their average customer satisfaction scores and also compare themselves to rest of the organization.

Demonstration Videos

Survey Assignment

Surveys can be activated on queues always or based on various conditions such as time, caller data or purecloud stats.

Survey Builder

Multi-Language easy to use survey builder with various question types and customizable conditions and actions.

Scoring Categories

Custom Scoring Categories could be created and assigned to Surveys & Question Responses. Custom colors and range could be defined for each scoring level which shall be reflected in the Survey Results Dashboard & Reports.

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