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How can post-call surveys improve your business?

Feb 27, 2023

Customers are essential for every business. And improving customer experience and satisfaction is integral for the success of any business. But how can you provide better services when you lack the knowledge of what the customer feels about your business or service.? This is where a survey comes into use.

What are post-call surveys?

A post-call survey is a way to collect feedback from customers in any business. It is usually done via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) after a contact center call by asking relevant questions to the customer like rating service or requesting reviews and feedback. You can easily create surveys for your business with the help of Feebak for Genesys Cloud Organizations.

7 Reasons why post-call surveys are important for your business

1.     Know your customers better

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Customers are the flag bearers of any business. Without them, no business survives. So it is essential to know and understand how they perceive your business. Customer feedback surveys would help understand what people like and dislike about your business. Understanding their opinions would help businesses take progressive decisions and provide their customers with better experiences.

There are various survey tools available in the market that you can use to know your customers better. One such tool which can be used by Genesys Cloud Organizations is Feebak. Feebak helps you create surveys with ease and also offers a wide range of features that help a business with providing insights on survey data.

2.  Measures customer satisfaction

While asking questions on a survey, measuring customer satisfaction using a scale like CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) provides a good insight into the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction the customer feels about your product or service. Happy and loyal customers help promote your brand whereas dissatisfied customers can break your business.

Customer satisfaction surveys can help us identify unhappy customers and they can be brought back into the loop as repeat customers by listening to their issues, solving their queries, and providing them with better services. An article by Question Pro gives an idea of more ways to measure customer satisfaction.

3.  Builds customer relationships

When customers feel valued, your business gets stronger. With a loyal customer base, your business is bound to increase sales, and market share and provide higher revenue. Customers would feel respected and a part of your business when their opinions are taken into consideration when shaping your business and while taking important decisions. Listening to customers will help create a better and more valuable relationship with them. Once a customer is hooked to your service, recommendations, and word-of-mouth marketing by a customer is effective ways to promote your brand and gain new customers and make brand advocates out of your customers.

4.  Enhance your products and services

Knowing what the customer wants will help a business develop new and innovative ways to solve its problems. When creating a new product or service, a post-call survey lets you know what the customer expects and how much they’ll be willing to pay for the service. Conducting frequent product surveys will provide insights into the improvements that can be made to present a better customer experience when using your product or service. You can create better products and provide quality service when you engage your customers and give them a central role in product development.

5. Get business reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials. Image by vector4stock on Freepik

Positive responses from customer feedback surveys can be used as reviews and testimonials to boost your business morale. Strong and valuable affirmations from past customers can help build a good profile for your business and attract new customers. Companies like Zoho and Trustmary provide ways in which you can turn your surveys into great testimonials for your business.

6.  Track business growth and progress

Business growth is usually tracked in terms of financial progress and other metrics. But measuring your business growth in terms of happy customers provides insights into how your business has impacted the population and what value you are providing to society. SmartKarrot provides you with tips to measure customer base growth and information on customer growth metrics. Tracking business growth with customers has its importance but do make sure to keep an eye on customer acquisition costs and to maintain proper customer retention.

7.     Improve overall business reputation

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Being a company that values customer’s opinions and having positive reviews and testimonials will improve your business reputation publicly. Happy customers can lead to more recommendations and boost the buzz around your brand. Nowadays, online reviews are the first thing people look up to when enquiring about businesses and thus it plays an important role in building your business’s reputation online. These small bits can add up and create a better impression of your business with customers.

Asking customers, the right questions and building positive customer relationships can help your business a lot in the long run. Conducting consistent surveys and measuring customer satisfaction over time can help your business to provide better products and services and improve your business in multiple ways.