Maximizing Contact Center Performance with Skills-Based Routing and Feebak

Jun 24, 2023

In the highly competitive customer service landscape, the optimization of contact center performance and ensuring customer satisfaction are top priorities. One powerful strategy for achieving these goals is skills-based routing. By connecting customers with agents who possess the relevant expertise, skills-based routing ensures prompt and accurate assistance. In this blog, we will explore the concept of skills-based routing and how it can be enhanced with Feebak, a survey solution designed for Genesys Cloud organizations. Discover the benefits of skills-based routing and the added value of Feebak in maximizing contact center efficiency and customer experiences.

Optimizing Contact Center Performance & Customer Satisfaction with Skills-Based Routing

Benefits of Skills-Based Routing

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Improve first-call resolution rates and customer loyalty by connecting customers with agents who have expertise in handling their specific issues. Skills-based routing ensures that customers are routed to agents who are best equipped to handle their inquiries. Agents with the relevant skills and knowledge can address customer issues more effectively, reducing the need for call transfers or escalations. As a result, first-call resolution rates improve, saving customers time and effort and enhancing their overall experience.

Increased Agent Productivity: By assigning calls based on agent skills and expertise, skills-based routing optimizes agent productivity. Agents can utilize their specialized knowledge to address customer inquiries more efficiently, reducing the time spent on each interaction. This leads to higher agent productivity, as they can handle a larger volume of inquiries while delivering a high level of service.

Improved Agent Morale and Engagement: Boost agent confidence and job satisfaction by empowering them to utilize their skills effectively, leading to lower turnover rates.

Best Practices for Implementing Skills-Based Routing

Identify Relevant Skills: Create a comprehensive list of skills agents need to address customer inquiries, such as product knowledge, technical expertise, and language proficiency.

Capture Agent Proficiency: Evaluate agent skills through assessments, performance data, and feedback, maintaining a centralized database or CRM system for tracking proficiency.

Define Routing Rules: Establish clear routing rules based on customer needs, agent proficiency, and factors like caller preferences and complexity of inquiries.

Monitor and Optimize Performance: Track key metrics such as first-call resolution rates and customer satisfaction scores to identify gaps and refine routing rules for continuous improvement.

Training and Development: Invest in ongoing training programs to ensure agents' skills remain up to date and align with evolving customer needs.

Enhancing Skills-Based Routing with Feebak: A Genesys Cloud Survey Solution

Feebak is an Omni-Channel Survey Solution that offers an all-in-one survey solution for Genesys Cloud organizations, enabling analysis and action across various channels like calls, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and more. Benefit from powerful dashboards and reports with multiple filtering and drill-down capabilities. It is an Easy-to-Use Survey Builder which deploys surveys seamlessly across different channels with Feebak's user-friendly survey builder, eliminating the need for extensive coding or development work. You can Personalize survey experiences based on customer responses or specific criteria using Feebak's dynamic survey flow control feature, enhancing relevance and customization. With feebak, you can close the feedback loop immediately by identifying negative responses through conditions and taking quick actions such as notifying supervisors or automating callbacks and CRM updates using data actions. Feebak provides surveys within the same call or through conversational surveys in digital channels, ensuring higher participation and engagement.

In addition to its robust survey capabilities, Feebak also includes efficient call routing features. By utilizing skills-based routing, Feebak ensures that incoming calls are intelligently directed to the most suitable agents based on their expertise. This optimizes agent performance and customer satisfaction by connecting callers with agents who possess the necessary skills to address their specific inquiries. With Feebak's call routing feature, contact centers can enhance efficiency, reduce call transfer rates, and deliver a more personalized and seamless customer experience. By matching customers with agents who have the right skills and knowledge, contact centers can increase first-call resolution rates and optimize resource utilization.

Overall, Feebak offers a comprehensive solution for survey management and call routing, empowering contact centers to collect valuable feedback, personalize customer experiences, and drive continuous improvement. By optimizing contact center operations and gathering valuable customer feedback, you can deliver exceptional customer experiences and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.